A Sticky Situation -Atlanta Lupus Walk

Twenty-three hundred pieces of tape can transform a corporate CEO into a Michelin Man in less time than it takes to eat a purple cupcake. Digital employees gathered in Atlanta to Stick It to Lupus, a little known but deadly serious disease that affects over 1.5 million people including our own Audrey Leeman, this year’s President’s Award winner. Audrey has been a passionate ambassador since she was diagnosed with the disease, raising money and awareness throughout the Digital and the Atlanta communities.

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Protect the Planet. It’s Your Earth.

Planet Earth is home to more than 7 billion people.   Every person on the planet can make an impact–good or bad–on the condition of our global home.  Earth Day is the largest annual civic event in the world, with celebrations in more than 192 countries.  Launched in tree hugging 1970 when hippies and Hendrix ruled, a lot has changed including, unfortunately, a 75 percent spike in global greenhouse gas emissions.  Yet, Earth Day 2014 aspirational goal remains the same: to raise awareness of how individual actions impact the environment.   Continue reading

DOL Health and Welfare Plan Audits: The Sobering Truth

Like it or not, they’re coming. The Department of Labor’s enforcement division is focused on plan sponsor compliance with federal laws and regulations and will be performing audits throughout the country. While retirement plan audits have been commonplace, health and welfare plan audits have been relatively scarce. No more. These audits are on the upswing, and the DOL has staffed up and increased their budget in order to cast a wide net and increase enforcement.

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Increasing Health Insurance Coverage Part of the College Completion Agenda

In a recent study on college completion, 69 percent of students who did not graduate said that having health insurance would have helped them “a lot” in getting a college degree. Without health insurance, students risk medical or financial hardship that could prevent them from earning a college degree. Therefore, increasing health insurance coverage must be a part of the college completion agenda.

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Choices on Top of Choices: Deciphering the Private Marketplace Landscape with 7 Essential Components

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has and will continue to fundamentally change the employer-sponsored healthcare landscape. In addition to spurring the development and launch of Public Exchanges, the ACA has also been the catalyst for the development of Private Exchanges or Marketplaces. The industry is in the process of being flooded with various forms of Private Marketplaces for employers to consider. Because of the fluidity of this market, it will be challenging for employers to sift through their options to select their best approach.

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