Wellness Wednesday- Don’t Wreck the Holidays

Alcohol consumption has its roots dating back thousands of years. Regardless of where you lived, the use of alcohol varied from religious, medicinal, or celebratory purposes. During this time of year, I think we can all attest that the latter is more commonly used. With three quarters of the nation consuming alcohol, the busiest time of year should also include heightened awareness on the road. It’s only fitting that National Drunk Driving Prevention Month be recognized in December.

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The End of Employer Sponsored Healthcare?


By: Brain Driscoll

We have written extensively about the fact that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has and will continue to transform the employer sponsored group medical insurance industry. Whether public/private exchanges, legal challenges or general regulatory revisions, benefit professionals and employers alike are dealing with ways to strategize and comply with the ebb and flow of the law.

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Be Giving

By Adam Bruckman

“Be giving” is the perfect theme for December as we close out a month of “thanks” and head into the season of “giving.”  I am a fan of quotes, especially when they capture a belief that I share in a way that seems to say it all.  This quote by Winston Churchill expresses that which has been proven countless times; we all make a better life for ourselves when we give.

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Empowering the Consumer: Private Exchanges and Customization

By Mike Sullivan, Executive VP and CMO

We are living in the era of the consumer. Advances in technology have given individuals more power than they have ever possessed to access products and services that best meet their needs. Price elasticity models are being reconfigured across our industry as well. These dynamics have changed the world of commerce, forcing manufacturers and service providers to innovate.

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Free Gift Without Purchase


My dad always told me that NOTHING is ever “free.” Sorry dad, but I beg to differ. Hasn’t he ever been to Costco where you can munch on an array of delicious, free samples? Ever need to use WiFi at a moment’s notice? Ever received a goody bag just for visiting a vendor setup? These things are actually free! Well, that sounds great on our own personal time, but what about things we get for free just for working at Digital?

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The Scoop on Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Transition Relief

By Carl Pilger, Vice President, Legal Counsel

The original effective date for this provision was last January (2014), but the agency in charge realized that the mandate failed to take into account health plans offered on a non-calendar year or fiscal year basis. The result? Transition relief granted to accommodate these types of plans as well as extending more time to all impacted ALEs to prepare for the new rules.  The new effective date is January 1, 2015, for certain ALEs with standard calendar plans.

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