How Do the Best Get Better? They Transform and Roll Out!

By George Papagelis, Principal

I admit it. I have never seen any of the Transformers television shows or movies despite the fact that my kids played with volumes of Autobots and Decepticons when they were younger. However, when the latest Transformers movie was released this summer, it reminded me of a theme I often include in my blog posts and in conversations with my clients— change!

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Be Healthy By Choice Not By Chance

By Adam Bruckman

Digital’s vision is to advance the health and financial well-being of the customers we serve. We provide the insurance that enables preventive and proactive health measures; the services that educate employers and individuals about pressing issues impacting health care; and the information people need to make healthier decisions. Our vision extends to all our team members as well. The financial, emotional and physical welfare of our employees is a priority for us. We are keenly aware that our people are our greatest assets, and we want you to thrive in every facet of life.

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Want to be a Better Leader? Focus on Trust

By Allison Lantieri, Principal, DBA Hartford

When I think about the people in my life who epitomize the word leadership—as I have been recently during this month of Digital Be a Leader—I don’t think about people standing behind podiums giving motivational speeches, or individuals running companies behind board room doors, or amazingly intelligent people who stun me with their vision. I think about the people who are in a position of influence that have left an impact on my life and whom I trust.

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Summertime is Primetime for Accidents

By Melissa Coffey

Ah, summer. Vacations, picnics, outdoor sports and recreation like camping and boating all add up to summer merriment. The downside of sipping sangria poolside (fun) or trying out a jet ski (really fun) is that all this hot weather revelry creates extra safety concerns and mishaps (not so fun). Nothing turns the sun-kissed days of summer into a drag faster than hobbling around on crutches. Continue reading


Are MEC Health Plans Game Changers for Employers in ACA Countdown?

by David Goldfarb

Certain applicable large employers, once panicked about penalties associated with the employer mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to innovative benefits approaches now available in the marketplace. One solution capturing a great deal of attention combines Minimum Essential Coverage with Limited Medical Benefit plans. While this option holds tremendous promise for some employers, it’s wise to thoroughly explore this opportunity with a qualified benefits advisor. Continue reading