Summertime is Primetime for Accidents

By Melissa Coffey

Ah, summer. Vacations, picnics, outdoor sports and recreation like camping and boating all add up to summer merriment. The downside of sipping sangria poolside (fun) or trying out a jet ski (really fun) is that all this hot weather revelry creates extra safety concerns and mishaps (not so fun). Nothing turns the sun-kissed days of summer into a drag faster than hobbling around on crutches. Continue reading


Are MEC Health Plans Game Changers for Employers in ACA Countdown?

by David Goldfarb

Certain applicable large employers, once panicked about penalties associated with the employer mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to innovative benefits approaches now available in the marketplace. One solution capturing a great deal of attention combines Minimum Essential Coverage with Limited Medical Benefit plans. While this option holds tremendous promise for some employers, it’s wise to thoroughly explore this opportunity with a qualified benefits advisor. Continue reading